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The Problem.

The existing color wheel is too complicated to work and understand.
I thought there must be a better way to understand how the Harmonious Schemes work easier and effective way to learn Harmonious schemes
The Process.

A lot of research was involved in this work. Accuracy and fundamental in color theory was the key element in the entire process. Sketches, and vector imagery was integral part to solve many obstacles the design required. needless to say, nothing was easy but it was a lot of fun.
The Solution.

A transparency indicator attached to the base, turning clockwise and counterclockwise it one of the many innovation this color wheel have. This allow the user an easy operational control and faster location of the harmonious schemes.
pocket color wheel
colorlink process
Additional Hue ColorLink: Elementary, K-Plus, and Jumbo-Wall
colorlink logotype
Mr. Chameleon
Mr. chameleon
elementary colorlink
k-plus colorlink

K-Plus ColorLink.

Is designed for student up to third grade.

Size: 11x12" in.
Mount: in sturdy gator board for desk or wall hanging.

jumbo colorlink

Jumbo-Wall Colorlink.

Is for the classroom, design studio and Graphic office.

Size: 11x17" in.
Mount: in sturdy gator board for wall hanging
Color Circles sizes: 1.056" .

Visual Aid Poster for Classroom
hue colorlink harmonious schemes
448 color combination
Hue ColorLink Harmonious Color Schemes.

This poster teach the basic combination of the color wheel. Every image present an example of color harmonious schemes of: tetrad, triad, analogous, monochromatic, complimentary and split complimentary.

Available in:
20x30" / 12x18" / 11x17"
448 Color Combinations.

Color Theory is about values, this poster shown all the values of each harmonious schemes. An important poster to teach and understand the values of colors.

Available in:
20x30" / 12x18" / 11x17"
Understanding the ColorLink
understanding the colorlink
CD colorlink
Impressive CD design look-alike. Packaged to give the illussion of a CD music case.

The Color Wheel of the Future

Environmental Images
ai tv screen
colorlink on desk
harmonious schemes
classroom screen
cd colorlink
sign on bus
learning your colors
8 reasons
logotype Meaning.

The logotype is comprised of squares with different dimensions. The color squares of the word HUE are selections of the primary, secondary, and tertiary schemes. The array of flowing squares coming out from the word Hue are dimensionally arranged toward the color wheel, meaning that these array of colors make the actual color wheel. The name Hue ColorLink, was selected after hundreds of names ideas and research, the selection of the name is based of three word: Hue, Color, and Link. Hue mean the property or name of certain color, and as the name implies ColorLink means a link of color combinations of the harmonious color schemes. so the real meaning is, "properties of color that link together." I selected a black color for the name to give proportion of color combination and to make it stand out in harmony among so many colors. finally, the small yellow square for the "i" is to connect the array of colors with the name ColorLink name.
The brandmark Mascot

Out of many thumbnails of rough ideas to create a brandmark for the Hue ColorLink, the most prominent was the Chameleon. The reason why I selected a Chameleon was to bring colorful natural look to change the perception of boringness of the color wheel. Briefly, Chameleons change color according their environment, a substantial part of their survival are colors, either to hide from predators, to camouflage to find their next meal, or to mate. The relation of the chameleon with the ColorLink is outstanding, the ColorLink is an environment of colors that if use accordingly can yield amazing results as Chameleon do in nature. The main purpose to have a Chameleon as a brandmark is to entice artists, art students and art teachers living in color environment to create their work, this relate to be like Chameleons and use color for their survival and creativity when doing homework, creating masterpieces or teaching about color theory.
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